Recognizing Ethnomathematics In Wau Kite And Corak-ragi Of Tenun melayu From Kepulauan Riau Province And Using Its Potentials Towards Learning Of School Mathematics


Ethnomathematics proposes the idea of mathematics that develops informally in
cultural aspects of human’s life.Mathematics is utilized through some daily activities
such as grouping, counting, measuring, designing, playing, locating, etc. For specific
group of people, mathematical activities can uniquely exist and develop. Hence,
ethnomathematics can obviously be subject to diversity since it relies on culture of
specific groups. The idea of ethnomathematics is promising to learning practice of
school mathematics for at least two reasons. First, it can provide the context of
learning which is undeniably familiar for learners living in specific area. Second, it
enables the reinvention of relevant mathematical concepts which are already
arranged formally in school curriculum. Kepulauan Riau province, one of provinces
in Indonesia, has rich melayu culture that spreads across the entire islands. Wau kite
and tenun melayuare the examples of many cultural items originating from
Kepulauan Riau province. The making of Wau kite utilizes mathematical activity
and precision to ensure the kite is fully functioning to be played and flown. Tenun
melayu displays beautifully arranged geometrical patterns called corak-ragi that are
created by particular technique that involves mathematics. This ethnography based
qualitative study discovers the ethnomathematics behind the creating of Wau
kiteandcorak-ragioftenun melayu. The data is obtained through interview
andliterature study. Both data are triangulated to get a fuller information. The
analysis is qualitatively described to deliver attention to two main analysis:
etnomathematics domain analysis and ethnomathematics taxonomy analysis on Wau
kiteandcorak-ragi oftenun melayu. The study indicates that creating of Wau kite
heavily utilizes the length measurement which is a basic topic in school
mathematics. Modelling of linear function-equation are other topics that can be
reinvented. The creating ofcorakoftenun melayu and its variety applies the technique
which is familiar to relevant mathematics topic in school such as transformation
geometry (reflection, translation, rotation, and dilation). Other relevant concepts are
symmetry, and transformation composition.
Keywords: Ethnomathematics, corak-ragi of tenun melayu, wau kite, mathematics
learning context

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